Creative Arts Consulting with Marlo M. Seattle, WAWhether you are a new business owner who is learning how to turn your hobby into a business, a creative business entrepreneur who is looking to transition from retail to wholesale or a seasoned professional who needs to grow your company in new directions, Creative Arts Consulting can help!

Creative Arts Consulting specialties:

  • + Helping emerging artists and craft makers make sense of what it takes to run a successful creative business
  • + Supporting current business owners by discovering where their business is stalling and helping them get “unstuck”
  • + Guiding new business owners toward their true goals and building a focused plan to reach them
  • + Advising experienced business owners through the “tough stuff” of daily decision making and company growth
  • + Help with setting up an Etsy shop – including advice on branding and photography
  • + Improving your Etsy shop SEO, your item listings and descriptions, and putting together a cohesive shop.
  • + Lots more…just ask!

Marlo M. of

Contact me today and I’ll help you start, run and/or grow your creative product-based business with the knowledge of 20+ years of experience in the Retail (selling product to the end consumer) and Wholesale (selling products at wholesale prices to stores, galleries and catalogs nationwide and abroad) Gift Industries.

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