What Not to Do…

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The awe-inspiring Keri Smith featured this list in her book, “The Artist’s Survival Kit

You’ve probably seen it floating around the internet but the sheer wisdom and weight contained within this seemingly simple list just begs for it to be repeated as many times as it takes for talented artists (and craft makers and bakers and mothers and students and race car drivers and quite literally everyone else in the world who strives to better their lives…) to really GET it and make a daily practice of living the opposite of what each step suggests:

Now I’m curious:

Which ones are you experiencing right now?

How are you going to go about changing that for yourself?

Have a Question for Me?

Have a question about running an indie creative business that’s been bugging you?

Well, here’s your chance to ask a business consultant – me!

questions answered by travelinlibrarian via flickr

Just post your question to the comments below following these rules:

1. Have a question (for the record, no question is “silly” — I love any and all questions!!)

2. Be sure your question is relevant to the indie creative business community

3. Include your business name and website in your comment (fill out the form below)

4. If your question is chosen you agree to have your business name and website referenced in the blog post answer

5. You understand that I reserve the right to edit the question for clarity (I promise to be super nice)

This offer is good through the end of January – answers will be written in the form of ongoing blog posts to be written and posted throughout February.

PLEASE Note: Posting your question here does not guarantee an answer, but just like life:

Asking a question directly gives you a better chance at getting an answer 😉

Agreed? Okay!

What’s on your mind?

Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge: Week 1

Have you read the Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge: Week 1 posts yet?

SLR camera diagram print by girlscantell via Etsy

Just in case you missed it, here are the direct links to Week 1 Challenges:

Shop Makeover: Creating a Brand Identity for Your Shop

Excellent advice and explanation about branding and why it’s important for your shop’s success!

Seller How-To: Banner Tips

Great advice on improving your banner for your shop

Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge: Week 1

I wrote this one 🙂 It’s all about improving the look of your shop by taking better photos!

Tell us: What are you doing to improve your Etsy shop this year?

What’s Your New Year’s Theme?

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flowphoto by Marlo M.

Happy New Year to you!

I have a great idea – let’s start the New Year not with resolutions but with a New Year’s Theme. By theme I mean – a word, phrase or mission statement that will serve as your touchstone throughout the year to help keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

Before you choose a theme, ask yourself these questions and others like them. You can write down your answers or just meditate on them – the choice is yours. Either way, this is NOT an exercise to beat yourself up – rather, let your answers guide your intuition toward a theme that will shed light on a new way forward.

  • ● What were some of the goals you accomplished last year?
  • ● What are the traits you posses that helped you accomplish them?
  • ● What were some goals that you missed?
  • ● What stopped you from reaching them?
  • ● Are those goals still on your list this year?
  • ● What do you need to reach them?
  • ● How do you want to feel about your business at the end of the year?

These questions and others like them will help you hone in on your main blocking point from the past year. Use this knowledge to choose a theme that will assist you when you need encouragement and inspire you when you need some guidance.

Some effective one-word New Year’s Themes:


What’s your theme for 2011?

Creative Arts Consulting is LIVE!

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If you are ever in the market for a clean, fresh and warm website that truly reflects your business’ character, I highly recommend you speak to Kaytlyn of BeneficialDesign.com. She is the designer for this site as well as the Tote2Go! website – both of which were conceived and built from the ground up to become the works of art they are today. Amazing! Thank you so much Kaytlyn! I am loving my websites!


In future blog posts on Creative Arts Consulting, we will be covering some basic business topics and discussing some new and affordable ways to improve your small creative business. In the meantime, thank YOU for visiting and I hope to have the chance to talk with you in person about your business sometime soon!

– Marlo M.

here’s to new beginnings…

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