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Just post your question to the comments below following these rules:

1. Have a question (for the record, no question is “silly” — I love any and all questions!!)

2. Be sure your question is relevant to the indie creative business community

3. Include your business name and website in your comment (fill out the form below)

4. If your question is chosen you agree to have your business name and website referenced in the blog post answer

5. You understand that I reserve the right to edit the question for clarity (I promise to be super nice)

This offer is good through the end of January – answers will be written in the form of ongoing blog posts to be written and posted throughout February.

PLEASE Note: Posting your question here does not guarantee an answer, but just like life:

Asking a question directly gives you a better chance at getting an answer 😉

Agreed? Okay!

What’s on your mind?

Do You Want to Do What You’re Doing?

Are you sure?

Sometimes we creative types get on a roll. We follow our bliss, making and creating things that fill our souls with joy. Then one day, our entrepreneurial mind steps in and says, “Hey, I have an idea! You should totally start selling those things!”

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One thing leads to another an then all of a sudden you’re picking out a URL, designing a collection, putting together a color scheme complete with logo and perhaps even packaging. The promise of possibility is enough to entice anyone who has dreams of quitting their day job to put reason aside and rush headlong into a new business venture.

We’ve all done it to one extent or another, haven’t we?

Now before you start throwing your savings at this new adventure, you really should ask yourself:

  • Do I know who my market is? (hint: the answer is not “everyone”)
  • Have they been asking for the thing I’m making? (Is there a market for your work?)
  • Do I know what my pricing structure will be? (Are you willing to think about it?)
  • Have I researched my future competitors? (Is your offering unique?)
  • Do I know how to market this new line? (Do you have time to devote to this new business?)

If your answer was “no” to any of the above, that’s really okay. These are all things that you can figure out, learn and implement as you grow your business. Discovering the answers to those questions are what make creating a business interesting.

The REAL question you need to ask yourself (and answer honestly!) is this:

Is this something I can imagine myself doing for the next 5 to 10 years of my life?

Well? Can you?

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