Marlo M. of CreativeArtsConsulting.comMarlo Miyashiro (a.k.a. Marlo M. and IMakeCuteStuff) has been in the retail and wholesale handmade craft industries for over 20 years, creating and selling her work to over 200 stores across the country and abroad. She is a jeweler by trade, crafter of sewn things, teacher of techniques, instructor of product photography, and mentor / arts business consultant for emerging artists. She is also one the organizers for the Seattle Handmade (formerly etsyRAIN) – an active community of over 1500 artists and craft makers who reside in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington State.
You can find some of Marlo M’s work and projects at:

Etsy Shop (custom Secret Promise Rings and necklaces)

Other Services and Community Organizations:
Seattle Handmade (community for artists and craft makers in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound region) (personal blog) (tutorials and tips on product photography)

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